Back to the post office, with another requested full. Uhm, yeah. Somebody pinch me *ouch!* This one’s off a query I sent in October, from an agent at the same agency. Not the one I q’d, so I’m guessing original agent passed it on? Either way, ms is now printing and probably heading towards NYC tomorrow.Read More →

I’m trying to get a little more organized this week which means cleaning. Not a big fan of cleaning, usually because it makes an even bigger mess than I started with and I’m left trying to figure out why I even thought it was a good idea in the first place :o) But this is all prompted by the fact I can’t find that darn roll of film from the WLG last week. I know I put it in my purse, my dad knows I put it in my purse. But between that moment and going to get the film developed on Saturday it hasRead More →

The snow is FINALLY beginning to melt, but its bringing a lot of ice with it. To get to the mail box (we have one of those super mailboxes) I had to walk the snowdrift down the easement then onto the sidewalk or else risk falling down and getting hurt. Ice is no one’s friend (well, unless your a hockey player*g*) I’m hoping it melts quick. I’m already looking at the Stokes seed catalog online, trying to figure out my order. :o) Got my pics back from the WLG on Saturday, taking pictures through a wire fence is a big no-no because your pictures willRead More →

According to statcounter, I hit the 10K visitor mark yesterday! And in a laugh-out-loud moment, the visitor was from Edmonton! hehe And oddly enough, it wasn’t the WLG google search that brought them here.Read More →

I’ve been away for a bit. Spent every night from Wednesday on last week out at the WLG. Nothing like standing in icy cold air for at least 3 hours a night to make you cough like crazy come Monday morning *g* I’d share some of my pics, but I haven’t taken them in to be developed yet. (I’ve yet to move into the digital age lol) So, come the weekend, or whenever I can get to Costco and get them done I’ll post a few. Hoping they turn out. I tried to get some of our friend playing and every time I had theRead More →

at ENCHANTING REVIEWS. I’m modding, so come by and say hi and have a chance to win some great books :o) Here’s the lineup: Diana Holquist (romantic comedy)Annie Solomon (romantic suspense)Susan Crandall (romantic suspense)Larissa Ione (paranormal)Glynnis Campbell/Sarah McKerrigan (historical) We kick off at 8PM EST and click on adult chat to get to the chat room.Read More →

Saturday night we went out to WLG. Mapquest has HORRIBLE directions and we ended up getting lost on Range Road, going up and down it twice before we realized mom was right and that bright light was where we wanted to turn off. Can I just say, I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold in my life!! There was practically no one outside watching the guys play so we stood by the ice, trying to spot our friend (turns out, he wasn’t on the ice till an hour later). Mom and I headed inside the tent. My big mistake was taking one of theRead More →

“10-11 DAYS OF HOCKEY, 39 GUYS, SELFLESS ACT TO RAISE MONEY FOR PEDIATRIC CANCER RESEARCH—COME AND SUPPORT THEM! OR YOU CAN ALSO MAKE A DONATION ONLINE” A friend of my family is playing in this for the third time. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for them! Its supposed to get COLD (-20/-30) for the start of the game and Saturday. Thirteen Pictures & Facts from the last Worlds Longest Game I tried for 13 pictures, but blogger is being a p.i.t.a and won’t let me upload more so… 6. The last game they played 240 straight hours of hockey, equivalent of an NHLRead More →

I can’t believe its February all ready. Time seems to be zipping along lately, which leaves me feeling like I can’t get a thing done. Played catch up on the weekend on some of my review books. :o) Read a couple good one’s. Halfway through Meg Cabot’s latest Princess Diaries book right now (my first Meg Cabot book ever!) Why have I waited so long to read her? hehe Posts this week could be pretty sporadic, signed up for 2 workshops this last week and both started on the weekend and even more fun, both require HOMEWORK. Argh. And ideas, and a little thing calledRead More →