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I’ve been away for a bit. Spent every night from Wednesday on last week out at the WLG. Nothing like standing in icy cold air for at least 3 hours a night to make you cough like crazy come Monday morning *g* I’d share some of my pics, but I haven’t taken them in to be developed yet. (I’ve yet to move into the digital age lol) So, come the weekend, or whenever I can get to Costco and get them done I’ll post a few. Hoping they turn out. I tried to get some of our friend playing and every time I had the camera on him, I couldn’t get any of him facing us. So I’m thinking there’s a good half roll of him skating away lol

Met a couple nice people. On the cold COLD nights there really was barely anyone out there but the players and a handful of spectators (if that). I think last Wednesday when we were there, there was only the guy selling the 50/50; me; my dad and another lady standing around the bonfire for about an hour.

Other then the new desire to cough every once in awhile (its tamed down remarkably well since Monday and the aid of cold medicine), not much new. Sent off requested material. Got more books to review (my poor bookshelf!); and printed off the one that has to be snail mailed to the states. Going out for lunch tomorrow with mom after I mail it, so should be nice :o) Still toying with a few new ideas. I’d like for one to take the lead and let me get some actual words down rather than a page here, a page there on about three different ideas.

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