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I can’t believe its February all ready. Time seems to be zipping along lately, which leaves me feeling like I can’t get a thing done. Played catch up on the weekend on some of my review books. :o) Read a couple good one’s. Halfway through Meg Cabot’s latest Princess Diaries book right now (my first Meg Cabot book ever!) Why have I waited so long to read her? hehe

Posts this week could be pretty sporadic, signed up for 2 workshops this last week and both started on the weekend and even more fun, both require HOMEWORK. Argh. And ideas, and a little thing called a logline, which I don’t mind but to write one you need an idea to work with (and I need 2!!!) Planning on brainstorming tonight during the hockey game.

At least the -50 windchill temps have faded away. Its not fun to even open the door when its that cold.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

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