Cold, cold and cold

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Saturday night we went out to WLG. Mapquest has HORRIBLE directions and we ended up getting lost on Range Road, going up and down it twice before we realized mom was right and that bright light was where we wanted to turn off.

Can I just say, I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold in my life!!

There was practically no one outside watching the guys play so we stood by the ice, trying to spot our friend (turns out, he wasn’t on the ice till an hour later). Mom and I headed inside the tent. My big mistake was taking one of the cookies on the tray and walking back outside without my glove on while I ate. It felt like I had sharp nails being driven up under the nail of my index finger and straight up. OUCH! So I ended up going back and sitting in the car for awhile, waiting for the pain to subside. Which it finally did, but I had to switch gloves with mom to try and stay warm.

So spent about 5 hours there, not completely outside because man, it was SO cold. Even the guys on the ice were only on for about 2 hours before rotating off. At least its warming up some, because wow the first 3 days of them playing were really hell. The t-shirts from the second time said ‘this isn’t hell, but we can see it from here’. I think Friday-Sunday really must have been hell on those guys.

In other news, found out my 84 yr old Oma is going in for knee replacement surgery tomorrow so if you could send good thoughts her way, I’d appreciate it! :o)

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