SEX & THE IMMORTAL BAD BOY by Stephanie Rowe release: November 2007 IF THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS… Paige Darlington is finally free of the literal boss from hell—Satan. There’s just one hitch: she’s been cursed, and will soon lose her soul. The only way to reverse this ultimate buzz kill is to skinny dip in one of Heaven’s cleansing moats. But Heaven has defenses against girls like Paige…and they typically in volve being charred to a crisp. MAYBE THE ROAD TO HEAVEN IS PAVED WITH SEXY ONES. Jed Buchanan, shadow warrior and Satan Jr.’s favorite assassin, is on a fastRead More →

Girly glitter comments from Sorry for the lack of blogging. Spent some of the wknd doing yard work (had to dump out some pots that the flowers had gone, still have 3 left that are happily blooming! *g*) and enjoying a little bit of warm, sunny weather. More books for review arrived this week, which I’m totally not complaining but yikes my TBR pile is getting seriously high!!! Look for some book blogs on here in the near future as well. Gotta talk books somewhere :o) Writing’s going… I want to hit send on the requests for fulls this week. I’d like to thankRead More →

I can tell Mercury was in retrograde this month. I had enough disappearing chapters, emails, print outs and everything else to make me think I was either a) going bonkers thinking I had something in the first place or b) the most unorganized person on Earth (nevermind my dad would vote for that one lol) In writing news, making good progress this week. Another partial emailed off to an NYC agency this morning. With any luck, the fulls follow Wednesday at the latest. I have to double check the formats, since I know one wanted it as an rtf file. I’m so glad I’m ableRead More →

Thirteen Books on my TOWERING TBR (to be read, to be reviewed*) Pile 1. Queen Geeks in Love by Laura Premble*2. Those Girls by Sara Lawrence*3. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead*4. Caressed By Ice by Nalini Singh*5. A Girl Like Moi – Lisa Barham*6. Project Paris – Lisa Barham*7. Its Not About The Accent – Caridad Ferrer*8. New Moon – Stephenie Meyer9. Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer10. Lush by Sasha White11. The Art of Temptation by Lauren Royal12. Shock Waves by Colleen Collins13. Do-Over by Niki Burnham Links to other Thursday Thirteens! (leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!) 1. Savannah2. Shelly3. Tempest4. Jen’sRead More →

The title pretty well sums up my weekend and most of today. It seems that some of the scenes I’ve revamped for my edits have gone MISSING. As in nowhere. Not in my yahoo mail backups which send every ten minutes. Not in my actual file folders. Not in the writing binder. Not anywhere. Just basically vanished. Picture much hair pulling over the situation. In other news, I’m not fond over my mail delivery lately. Some packages I’m expecting are not arriving. Like ones from July…August…September… my Sept 30th ehq order… not to mention one or two from March & April. So I need toRead More →

Never underestimate the power of BICHOK, after six hours yesterday and a couple today I think I have a semi full synopsis. Its sitting in one of my lovely CPs inbox waiting to see what she says. I can’t believe I drew a complete blank on how to write one. I even dug through my old workshop I’d taken last year and listened to one of the RWA workshops on writing one. Hopefully it makes enough sense that I can call it done and hit send on the partial. (Do you think I can count the 1980 words towards Sven? *g*) In good news, booksRead More →

Since I’m stuck in synopsis HELL — which honestly has never happened before. I sailed through my synops for STTA and HP and even Sabrina’s. But this one, hair pulling. Its like I have no clue how to write one. Its so bad, I’m even thinking of ignoring the request that wants one *looks around nervously* Seriously. Anyways, since I’m signed up for NaNo & Sven (of which I’m starting on the wknd, this week is devoted to that which shall not be named) let’s talk writing. Its amazing what listening to a CD can do. I bought 2 on the weekend, the Mindfreak soundtrackRead More →

In either a case of pure insanity, hopeless optimism or a heavy overdose of liquid tylenol (yuck!) I signed up for another Sweating With Sven challenge AND NaNoWriMo. *looks around nervously* So that means a whole lot of new words between now and er, January? I can’t remember the end date on Sven. But I know I’ve kicked some NaNo butt the last 2 years and am actually looking forward to it. Only time of the year you can actually find working chats going on daily! :o) So am I the only one who’s gone bonkers or is anyone else doing one or both ofRead More →

Thirteen Songs Blaring While I Edit 1. So Hott – Kid Rock2. About Us – Brooke Hogan3. Promiscuous Girl – Nelly Furtado4. What Goes Around – Justin Timberlake5. Sexyback – Justin Timberlake6. And Then We Kiss – Britney Spears7. Gimme More – Britney Spears8. Lonely Road of Faith – Kid Rock9. Turn The Page – Metallica10. R Room – Criss Angel11. Scarecrow – Criss Angel12. Big Girls Don’t Cry – Fergie13. Pour Some Sugar On Me Links to other Thursday Thirteens!1. Kaige2. Gina3. Morgan(leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!) Get the Thursday Thirteen code here! The purpose of the meme is toRead More →

The not so great news first, I did something to my neck on the weekend which has resulted in a lot of pain. NOT FUN!! Hoping it goes away soon. Until then, I guess I’ll be doped up on tylenol. Now onto the delightful news of the day, an agent with the partial of CS requested the FULL. Yes that’s right, the whole entire thing. Picture me doing an extreme happy dance without the neck movements. Since I have a few little adjustments to make to said full, I will be in my edit cave this week, complete with loud rock music, dr pepper andRead More →