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Sorry for the lack of blogging. Spent some of the wknd doing yard work (had to dump out some pots that the flowers had gone, still have 3 left that are happily blooming! *g*) and enjoying a little bit of warm, sunny weather. More books for review arrived this week, which I’m totally not complaining but yikes my TBR pile is getting seriously high!!! Look for some book blogs on here in the near future as well. Gotta talk books somewhere :o)

Writing’s going… I want to hit send on the requests for fulls this week. I’d like to thank mercury retrograde for losing several chapters a couple times, but at least I edited on hard copy this time so all I have to do is finish typing things up.

Anybody have any plans for Halloween?

I’m taping Criss Angel’s ep tonight and having a mini marathon tomorrow with the DVDs, ordering in pizza and hitting a couple of the chats going on tomorrow night. Don’t think I’m stuck with door duty this year *happy dance*

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