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Never underestimate the power of BICHOK, after six hours yesterday and a couple today I think I have a semi full synopsis. Its sitting in one of my lovely CPs inbox waiting to see what she says. I can’t believe I drew a complete blank on how to write one. I even dug through my old workshop I’d taken last year and listened to one of the RWA workshops on writing one. Hopefully it makes enough sense that I can call it done and hit send on the partial.

(Do you think I can count the 1980 words towards Sven? *g*)

In good news, books in the mail today! LUSH by Sasha White and MURDER ON NOB HILL by Shirley Tallman. Can’t wait to dig into them, but I’ve got so many ahead in the TBR pile, not too mention about 3 I still need to review…

Which I don’t think I ever mentioned *g* I am the YA Director over at Enchanting Reviews. So if you like Young Adult or read Young Adult or maybe even want to review Young Adult swing by the website www.enchantingreviews.com or our myspace www.myspace.com/enchantingya
We’re up to 85+ friends in under 2 weeks and I’d love to hit a 100 before the end of the month.

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  1. Am I the lovely CP? If so, I get back with you on synopsis ASAP, okay, as soon as I can, what unfortunately is not the same. You’re a YA director at Enchanting Reviews? Awesome! I’ll swim by!

  2. WTG on the synopsis. I spent today working on mine. I swear it’s like pulling teeth.

    And I think you can totally count those words towars Sven!!! You earned it!

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