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The not so great news first, I did something to my neck on the weekend which has resulted in a lot of pain. NOT FUN!! Hoping it goes away soon. Until then, I guess I’ll be doped up on tylenol.

Now onto the delightful news of the day, an agent with the partial of CS requested the FULL. Yes that’s right, the whole entire thing. Picture me doing an extreme happy dance without the neck movements. Since I have a few little adjustments to make to said full, I will be in my edit cave this week, complete with loud rock music, dr pepper and if someone loves me, lowfat brownies from sobeys. :o)

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  1. Thanks *g*
    lol I use my trusty spreadsheet :o) I’m down to 3 requests from 4 though since Holly passed on it on Friday. Still have a couple unanswered queries floating around though

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