Barely any sleep last night, feeling yucky and woke up at 7 to watch the trade deadline shows. So far, BORING. The four or five guys I’m waiting to see if they move so far have barely been mentioned. Well, they did talk a little about Georges but that was about it. I’m hoping it picks up soon. :o) Spent the wknd reading. Finished off Sarah Mayberry’s March Blaze, TAKE ON ME which was a good read. Off to eat something and see if the trades get any more interestingRead More →

I’ve been spending a few days thinking about the ‘personal critique’ on Sabrina. The one thing that I’m stumped on was about that ‘POP’ bit. I always figured if it was highly entertaining that meant it had to pop at some point. Maybe not? So I decided to ask other writers. What does POP mean to you? What makes a story POP? How can you tell when something POPS? I’m working my way through the TBR pile hoping to find something that pops so I can see where I’m going wrong with my own stuff. Basically, I’m waiting for that a-ha moment to hit whereRead More →

Woke up this morning to a rejection (or as my dad following an episode of Oprah prefers I call it, a personal critique) of Sabrina. This from the dream agency who’d had it for ten weeks. Apparently it was ‘highly entertaining’ and ‘a great core idea’ but they found it somewhat predictable. So I’m feeling just a wee bit lost at the moment. Oh and I should query them in the future… Not sure what to do. I had a blog post that got eaten by netscape this week that was about dark para vs light para and if there really was a market forRead More →

Happy Valentine’s all. Meant to get on here yesterday and yet again netscape + blogger DOES NOT = happiness. So its back to ie for now. Finished ‘A HOBOKEN HIPSTER’ last night. Fun read. Several lol moments where I was actually sitting there giggling. Who knew Robin Hood could be so hot? (hmm, may have to find Robin Hood – Men In Tights now. That movie was hilarious). Looks like some NHL teams are making waves before deadline. Forsberg was moved tonight and there was something suspicious in the Buffalo-Oilers game. So be even more interesting to see what moves are made now before deadline…Read More →

For some reason my netscape broswer doesn’t like blogger lately so everytime I’ve tried to post a new blog, it shuts down. It also goes wacky when I try to comment on certain people’s blogs. So I’ve got my fingers crossed this is going to work :o) Found out the mailed partial arrived in NYC Saturday afternoon thanks to tracking. I’ll have to call the post office and see if I get a refund since it didn’t get there in the guaranteed 5 days. That’s the only good part about expresspost is they do refund you if it doesn’t get there in time. Lettermail you’veRead More →

Abound. Between the laptop dvd drive, transfering files back and forth to have word tell me its corrupted (??) yet I can open it in works… things are making me batty. Is anyone else using statcounter and having issues? On the first I had no hits at all according to them and now its counting every pageload between 3-5x each. Yesterday I had 100 hits. Erm, not quite. I’m happy if I hit 30 hits a day. Other than that, I had a good post all written up about books only to discover netscape has issues with blogger and shut down, losing my nice post.Read More →

Its cold and yet we had rain today. Can’t figure that out. The roads are crazy icy, so I’m glad I’m not going anywhere tonight. Had an okayish wknd. Could have been better, could have been worse. Got The Marine at Costco, as an early Valentine’s present. 2 hours of John Cena = two thumbs up in my book. Liked the movie, so probably watch it again this week and study his mannerisms a little more (since Logan is based on him *g*). Watched hockey Sunday and surprise surprise, my fave player was in the lineup. Color me shocked. Hope he stays in for awhile.Read More →

Little rant because I feel so stupid right now.I had the last 8 bombshell books in my shopping cart on ehq for the last 2 weeks, and didn’t put the order through. Went today to order and they aren’t there. None of the BS books are listed on the site.So now, my collection is almost complete minus the last 7-8 books.*hits head on desk* I have to hope if I go out tomorrow I can at least track down the 1 or 2 of the last 4.Read More →