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Happy Valentine’s all. Meant to get on here yesterday and yet again netscape + blogger DOES NOT = happiness. So its back to ie for now.

Finished ‘A HOBOKEN HIPSTER’ last night. Fun read. Several lol moments where I was actually sitting there giggling. Who knew Robin Hood could be so hot? (hmm, may have to find Robin Hood – Men In Tights now. That movie was hilarious).

Looks like some NHL teams are making waves before deadline. Forsberg was moved tonight and there was something suspicious in the Buffalo-Oilers game. So be even more interesting to see what moves are made now before deadline… I’m keeping an eye on Montreal to see what they do. And the Oilers too. Lots of rumors on who’s on the block (why is it the half decent players I actually like) for guys who really aren’t that hot (and I mean in the player sense, not the hottie way *g*). Fingers crossed favorite defenseman gets moved west. And by west, this time I mean here oh hockey gods :o) lol

In other news, realized Agency A has had VW for 10 weeks. Wow. Doesn’t seem like that long but I guess it is. Still smoothing out a few rougher points I’m finding as I read through. And in chat tonight had some authors tell me the next idea (2B to DG’s 2A) sounds really good and funny. Always nice to hear because a lot of the time I wonder is this only funny to me?? Hard to write comedy I tell ya.

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  1. Especially when you don’t feel funny.

    There’s an old arguement through acting circles about what’s harder to do, comedy or drama. I think they both have hard parts. (get your mind out of the gutter.)

  2. Lis, hugs on problems with the Netscape. As for Men in Tights, you’re right, that movie was hilarious! Bailey, lol on the last phrase of your comment, and now actually my mind is in the gutter!

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