Color Me Stupid

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Little rant because I feel so stupid right now.
I had the last 8 bombshell books in my shopping cart on ehq for the last 2 weeks, and didn’t put the order through. Went today to order and they aren’t there. None of the BS books are listed on the site.
So now, my collection is almost complete minus the last 7-8 books.
*hits head on desk* I have to hope if I go out tomorrow I can at least track down the 1 or 2 of the last 4.

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  1. Thanks Bailey. I’ll let you know :o) I found three today out of the January ones, going to the drugstore tomorrow to see if they’ve got any others. Looks like the shelver got to the dept. store early b/c most of the Jan books were gone and the new Gena Showalter was out, yet it wasn’t at the bookstore when I went there.

    Thankie Olga, still crossing my fingers.

  2. Didn’t think of .com, looked at .ca but its 4-6 weeks on them and when they say that it usually means they can’t get them. (had that happen before)

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