How was your Halloween? Mine was definitely forgetable. Had a whopping 22 kids show up, which leaves us 3 boxes of big chocolate bars untouched. I doubt they last the month lol But anyways, I’m excited about NaNoWriMo which starts in less than an hour. Yeah I’m that geeky I’m counting down. Anxious to get back to writing. Maybe I’ll be able to get more then the 12K I hit on the Nocturne wanna be before it burnt out. I’m still debating between which idea I want to run with. :o) If your NaNo’ing, are you prepped for it or flying by the seat ofRead More →

Deidre Knight Cranks up the Heat in Her Latest Installment in the Parallel Series: PARALLEL HEAT “Intelligent characters, hot romance and breathtaking adventure with epic feel—exactly what I want to read!” – Susan Grant, New York Times bestselling author “A fantastic and riveting new voice in paranormal fiction.” -Karen Marie Moning, New York Times bestselling author of Spell of the Highlander “At times humorous, at others heart-wrenching, but always compelling, Deidre Knight offers readers a fresh, wonderfully creative glimpse at the complexity of human decisions. What a page-turner!” – Gena Showalter, Author of Playing with Fire In the unforgettable, alternate world of Parallel Heat, twoRead More →

Staying with this week’s theme, if you want to watch MH Live (which I’ve been anxiously waiting for) I think its between 1pm – 4 pm Eastern time?? I missed last night’s since I was out but it runs Monday and Tuesday. More →

Of Halloween and all things spooky, let’s talk spooky/scary movies.I’m a wimp when it comes to those. Though right now I’m watching BROTHERS GRIMM with Heath Ledger (and especially because its Heath Ledger) not exactly Nightmare on Elm street but still on the creepy side. One of my best friends in jr high absolutely loved those movies and I couldn’t stand looking at even the movie covers (didn’t help she had a movie poster in her room of Freddie *cringe*) Though I did watch one of those leprechaun movies with Jennifer Aniston a few years ago, squeezing my eyes shut at the gory parts. (whichRead More →

Since I can’t think of a good blog post, I thought I’d so something seasonal. With halloween quickly coming up, does anything have anything spooky/paranormal/unexplained that happened to them?I’ve had a few odd experiences. Seen things. I’m not sure if I’ve posted this one before but about a month, maybe two ago, I was in the living room, dad was in the rocking chair and I looked over and behind him there was this faint figure (just the torso visible) that moved straight towards the front door. Which creeped me out. Like on most haunted, my house has those weird footsteps in the hall whenRead More →

Sorry for not posting a new blog sooner. My router decided to conk out on me last Friday then I had to disconnect it and take it back and of course when I tried to reinstall it, it decided not to set up a network. I don’t know how it finally managed to connect, but it did and I do a happy dance every day when it still works lol The new idea’s going slowish. I’m at 9K, my heroine still has no name and the dark and sexy, not quite so dark and sexy anymore. Apparently my sarcasm just wants to keep cropping inRead More →

So I’ve been kinda quiet on here the last few days. Lost track of time. Listening to a few workshops on the weekend, I had a new idea hit. See, I kinda swore off romance for awhile, just wasn’t interested in writing it, that’s why the last two wips were paranormal ‘formerly known as chick-lit’ when listening to the Luna-Nocturne presentation, I’m suddenly hit with a new fresh idea. For Nocturne. Dark, sexy paranormal Nocturne. Did I mention they want romance? So I am now attempting another romance. Why? Because the characters refuse to leave me alone. But here’s my hero – Suitably brooding. NowRead More →

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in canuckworld, I thought I’d post a few little things I’m thankful for in the last year :o)* my friends, esp. the online ones :o)* my wonderful cps :o) For reading my stuff, dealing with the tirades and letting me know its not as bad as I think it is *g** that Dad’s shoulder surgery went well (minus the little scare he gave us with the blood pressure/heart rate thingie)* my best bud Kris who even though we haven’t seen each other in 4 yrs, it never feels like its been more then a few days when we talk onRead More →

Ah, I’ve got the old hockey song in my head right now. The best game you can name is a good ol hockey game la la la since I can’t remember the rest lol A good ol hockey game is the best game you can name… So looking forward to this afternoon. Montreal plays at 5 our time (woohoo!) so I’m going all out and ordering pizza. Real food!! And even better real hockey. Watched the start of the phoenix-isles game on the preview last night, then watched most of the Oilers-Flames game. Few guys didn’t impress me much, but Sykora did — 2 goals.Read More →