Its a Good Ol’ Hockey Game

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Ah, I’ve got the old hockey song in my head right now. The best game you can name is a good ol hockey game la la la since I can’t remember the rest lol A good ol hockey game is the best game you can name…

So looking forward to this afternoon. Montreal plays at 5 our time (woohoo!) so I’m going all out and ordering pizza. Real food!! And even better real hockey. Watched the start of the phoenix-isles game on the preview last night, then watched most of the Oilers-Flames game. Few guys didn’t impress me much, but Sykora did — 2 goals. Could have had three or four but he tried to pass instead of shoot 🙁 That never works out. The rematch is Saturday night and given the end of the game with the shoving and near fights, I’m sensing its going to be a gritty rematch!

Listening to a few more of the RWA workshops. I’m bouncing back and forth between the three discs (well 4, I got the top 25 of last year too) and learning a lot. Wondering about trying Nocturne, which would push Harley aside (er yeah, new story…) but its paranormal and dark, which I’m not sure I can do dark, but we’ll see. The Sab query blitz hasn’t gotten much response so far. I’m a little leery snail mailing anything right now since none of my mail is showing up. I’ve got things from June that still haven’t shown up. Don’t want to worry some response is getting lost somewhere between here and NYC. :o)

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  1. Thanks Olga! Pizza was great, one of the best I’ve ordered in quite awhile.
    I hope so! Still haven’t heard anything back yet. Not good for the nerves

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