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  1. I watched the first programme last night! They kept talking about viewers in the US and Canada and I wondered if you might be watching!

    Last night they were in the Blair Street vaults underneath the South Bridge in Edinburgh. My sister and I had a city break there the year before last and went on a ghost walk to those very vaults. It’s weird to see them again! They are very creepy. I swear while I was in there I felt a cold breath on my neck…

    Jess x

  2. I will be tonight :o) Apparently there’s a way to send comments to them, looking at the website for it now. I want to say hey to karl, stuart and David Wells *g* so if you hear hi to Lis in Edmonton or something, it could be me lol

    Oh that would be a very creepy feeling! Haven’t they been there before? I seem to remember vaults.

  3. Pretty interesting so far. I skipped my planned evenings fare when I remembered you told me it was on.

  4. What did you think so far? The stone circle room creeped me out. Canada isn’t getting the live show on tv, so i just get the webcams but there were some creepy faces on that wall from the time the cameras came on. We sent in a few notes of what we were seeing before they came that way, though don’t know if they made it on air or not

  5. We didn’t get the webcams, just a pre-recorded episode (maybe that’s why no webcam?). I’ll try to check out the TV Guide and see if it’s on during the day here and if it’s live.

  6. Could be! Hope you find it on. I know for the live show yesterday,
    I was wrong by an hour for the online webcams, so if you’re not doing anything at 2pm mountain, hit the links and watch today they went till about 5ish. apparently travel channel in the states shows it live and will rerun it again later tonight a few times.

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