March has gone by so fast. Sure, I lost about a week of it feeling icky but still there was another twenty-some days in there. Looking forward to April though, hopefully that means the piles of snow here will melt away and it’ll start to get nice and warm. I can start my flowers inside thanks to my trusty mini greenhouses, still not sure what all I’m planting. I’m thinking at least a flat and a half of pansys because they can go anywhere. And maybe some snapdragons? Decisions, decisions. Plus I’ve got about thirty seed packs to go through and see what’s going where.Read More →

So a couple weeks ago I tried to update the drivers on the speakers or the sound card…can’t remember which. But the driver didn’t seem to take and somehow I deleted it. Rebooted a few times and finally managed to get installed again, but don’t think it was the newest version. Fast forward to today. Since the little above debacle, the comp’s been a little slow. So I figure no sweat, I’ll go back and restore the settings to the 18th. Yeah that’d be great, if the restore feature worked. Three times this morning, three different restore points all coming up as ‘cannot be completed’Read More →

Feeling a little better. Wasn’t feeling too hot most of last week and this weekend. The research of laptops is slowly going on. I’ve heard some horror stories on Dells & I think Sony’s? But I know to steer clear of Dells which seem to be the only ones reviewed online, followed by weird obscure brands I’ve a) never heard of and b) doubt are available north of the border. Still trying to discover the difference between the AMD thing and the other processors. Can’t I just find a nice simple laptop (okay, simple might be the wrong word, I want one with a dvdRead More →

nothing as interesting as new hero material or locations for Vegas hijinx. Nope, starting to look at laptops. And I’m SO clueless about computers. So anyone who has a laptop, any thoughts on what to look for?Read More →

Since I’m feeling decidedly blah today (a whole week of it sucks) and not much in the mood to put words on the computer screen…let’s continue the Sonny Crockett love fest. Might toss someone else in for good measure…Read More →

Feels like I’m stuck in a rut right now. I’m so tired of working on Sabrina. And its really starting to feel like there’s NO end in sight on the story. Though I did manage to scribble down a timeline and bit of synopsis (short, very short) during RAW the other night. Other than that, nothing new to report. Old partials are still floating I guess in the black hole between here and NYC. Guess I really should call canada post one of these days and see when they cut off the date for refunds. $15 out the window. Great fun I say, great fun!Read More →

Doesn’t quite look like it here. We’re buried under the snow from the weekend and I think we’re still getting more. Yuck. I think maybe we got a little spoiled having no snow till the first week of March but really. This is insane, it looks like the North Pole outside! Any minute I’m expecting elves or for those of you who saw the episode of Conan in Finland, some laplanders to jump out from behind the snow piles! :o) To try and make it more like Spring (though I confess I forgot yesterday or is it today?) I bought some seeds yesterday. Found theRead More →

One of my wonderful friends is having her book released today. Nell’s CINDERELLA SUBSTITUTE is out any minute. Swing by her blog to say hi ( moonlit romance to get her ebook! More →

Considering my mind’s in a fog (blame blurbing and chapter 2/3 for that) I only have to share my favorite line from last night’s episode of Miami Vice on deja vu. “Were the ones we saw green? Nay nay I say.” – Sonny Crockett, ep. Missing Hours Sonny’s definitely hero material. Hmmm…Read More →