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Doesn’t quite look like it here. We’re buried under the snow from the weekend and I think we’re still getting more. Yuck. I think maybe we got a little spoiled having no snow till the first week of March but really. This is insane, it looks like the North Pole outside! Any minute I’m expecting elves or for those of you who saw the episode of Conan in Finland, some laplanders to jump out from behind the snow piles! :o)

To try and make it more like Spring (though I confess I forgot yesterday or is it today?) I bought some seeds yesterday. Found the ones they were all sold out of Wal-Mart, Dahlia – Stargazer mix. They look pretty but I thought the colors on the wal-mart pack were brighter. Oh well, have to check next time I see them. Maybe its just a bad print job. Grabbed a couple others, one I planted last year from another brand (cheaper then Fothergill’s. So may go back and grab a 2nd pack) and a few new ones to try out. Got some nice english daisies but the front says annual and the back says bi-ennial, so what gives? Have to do some online research.

Watched hockey last night. First they said #4 might not play because of his ankle so I put the new tape in figuring if I didn’t see him in the first five minutes I’m switching over to the live RAW but he was there so I watched the whole game. First, a quick rant on the 2 Dallas announcers. They never EVER say who the scratches are when the game starts. Maybe its a canuck thing and I’m spoiled, but I’d like to know before the halfway point of the first if he’s a scratch or not. But back to the game. Horrendous ice. Absolutely horrible. And the flow to the first period was bad. Boring as heck. Second period picked up a little and the third…well bad. Bad for #4. Bad for the stars. Just plain BAD. And I like how they immediately blame it all on him. Uh hello. Turco’s in net, he can’t stop a puck? Like dad said, too bad it hadn’t happened to Zubov (sorry so not a fan of that guy. Highly overrated, much like Prongs. Makes me long for the days of Brew…)

Enough of a rant, got hit with a new Bombshell story idea when I woke up this morning (dreamt the car chase) and my Don Johnson poster showed up yesterday! Yay so I have amazing eye candy right beside me right now till I can hang it up :o)

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  1. ooh, new story idea. I love it when the lightbulb turns on.

    Too bad about the game. I keep forgetting to watch. I think I’ve said before that until the Stars came we never had hockey here, so I didn’t grow up with it and still haven’t caught on to all of the intricities of the game.

    Enjoy your Don Johnson poster *g*

  2. New stories are always fun. And the best part of it, was I remembered my whole opening para when I got out of bed. Managed to make it downstairs and write it out before anyone said something to me and it went flying out the window. So I now have like 4 ideas lined up after Sabrina. *yikes*

    Hockey can take awhile to get into. Its been here since we moved here 20 years ago November and I only got into about 7 years ago when my best friend got us tickets. But it can be great to watch (esp. come playoffs and the right ice conditions!)

    Definitely will :o) I’ll put up a pic of it, it might be in the archives too start of Feb. But I’m finding it soooo inspiring!

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