I’m now on vacation :o) No more writing this week, no more thoughts of Sabrina and Lila and no thoughts of anything remotely writing related. Maybe its time for MV marathon, 2 seasons of Crockett and even better, the NHL starts up again this week. And its a week Tuesday till I get to go to a game. Let’s celebrate that one shall we? *g*Read More →

Nell’s tagged me, so here we go:Current clothing – silver satin cargo pants and brown v-neck t-shirtCurrent hair – cute, just had it cut today :o) Layered and yet still long, think Carmen ElectraCurrent mood – iffyCurrent refreshment – well I’ve got a bottled water and a carton of grape juice beside me on the deskCurrent annoyance – editingCurrent avoidance – Sabrina!!Current Smell – Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume, though I’m considering lighting some coconut incenseCurrent thing you ought to be doing – editing/revamping SabrinaCurrent things on the wall – Framed picture of KippersoffCurrent im – no one’s on, though usually talk to Barb, Kelly,Read More →

Aside from RAW of course ;o) Had a good chat with Nell this afternoon and brainstormed some of the plot points that bugged me all weekend. Feeling a little better about them and more energized about the story in general. Always good in my book! hehe Now if I can tackle chapter two and three tonight I’ll really be on a roll! Figured out a new way for the pendant to way into PAC scene that I’m anxious to toy with.Read More →

Gotta love titles I can take from songs lol In travels on the net today, stumbled across this – a good interview with Nadia from Firebrand: http://www.wildchildpublishing.com/content/view/159/46/And anyone whose a dog person is okay in my books *thumbs up* What else can I add to this ramble of a post. Let’s see…Yesterday, good day on ebay. I was the winning bidder on DJ’s Heartbeat CD *sigh* I so cannot wait to get this in the mail!!! It’ll make a nice combo with my poster when it arrives :o) Other than that, eh… Sabrina’s next draft is going. Not bad. Not excitingly good either. Though IRead More →

In the spirit of February 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :o) Nothing exciting going on today (the joys of being single!) though I am considering a little Miami Vice marathon later on and my leftover pizza sticks from pizza hut. Spent the afternoon working on Sabrina and trying to get the songs for the soundtrack for me to edit by. So for those who’ve had a glimpse at Little Miss Vegas, (hmm possible title?) let me know if you know a song that fits her or the story. So far I’ve got Shania Twain’s song Shoes and that’s about it.Read More →

Anyone? Anyone at all? Especially for figuring out the order of things. I’ve got 55 files sitting in the sceneage folder (and that’s only half of the story so far) waiting to find a home. *hits head on desk* I’d like to thank my muse for this schmozzle. Really, truly. What did I ever do to you I ask? :o) If you hear a sizzling, don’t be alarmed. Its just my brain frying! *g*Read More →

Very wordy title eh? My lone brain cell is too tired to put a lot together right now. I’ve been cutting the huge file of Sabrina into separate files, every scene in its own file so I can try and put all the puzzle pieces together. Imagine the fun!!! But on the good side, I did get the link to a newish BSB song LIFT ME UP that’s so good its been on repeat for 2 hours now :o) Why this didn’t make the album is freaking beyond me. I’m halfway through the first bits of Sabrina (not really in order so its halfway throughRead More →

Like yesterday. Things went very well. Added 5 new books to my TBR pile. Bought two pairs of capris that are really cute. Just wish today would have followed the same way. Didn’t get any work done. Lost my writing flow. And a bunch of other stuff I don’t feel like posting about. Can we just quote Dixie Chicks “Cowboy Take Me Away” right about now?Read More →

No one fall over behind their keyboards okay? :o) hehehe So I figured I’ve been blog neglectful long enough and I should try to add to the blog.Got an email reply from one agent this afternoon on my status update. All she said was she’d get back to me ASAP. Hope for good news. She’s had the partial since October so hoping that it did actually get delivered and didn’t disappear into the black hole between here and NYC.But what it means is if she’s interested then I switch gears back to STTA for awhile and leave Sabrina and Lila alone for awhile (I know,Read More →