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Nell’s tagged me, so here we go:

Current clothing – silver satin cargo pants and brown v-neck t-shirt
Current hair – cute, just had it cut today :o) Layered and yet still long, think Carmen Electra
Current mood – iffy
Current refreshment – well I’ve got a bottled water and a carton of grape juice beside me on
the desk
Current annoyance – editing
Current avoidance – Sabrina!!
Current Smell – Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume, though I’m considering lighting some coconut
Current thing you ought to be doing – editing/revamping Sabrina
Current things on the wall – Framed picture of Kippersoff
Current im – no one’s on, though usually talk to Barb, Kelly, Nell or Olga :o)
Current jewllery – my black & silver chain ring and my little heart ring
Current book – reading? Erm just picked up and bumped SOMETHING WICKED by Eveyln
Vaughn to the top of the TBR pile.
Current worry – oh so many, let’s see finishing Sabrina, querying Sabrina, starting something
new…money, health, fun stuff like that
Current celebrity – ooh, John Cena???
Current obsession – Miami Vice (esp. Sonny Crockett!!!)
Current love – erm see obsession :o) Dallas Star hockey (12 days and counting till the game!)
Current longing – to be a ‘published’ author…
Current disappointment – well the Feb. 4 week diet idea that went out the window…
Current lyric in my head – “Gotta be careful how to play this game/One false move can leave your heart in pain/I’m no stranger to this fate you know its true/I really want to be with you/falling in love can be dangerous/make you anxious/playing love roulette”
– Love Roulette, Don Johnson
Current favourite book – Three Fates By Nora Roberts
Current favourite movie – Rhinestone/Live A Little, Love A Little/A Knight’s Tale
Current wish – sell Sabrina *fingers crossed*
Current desktop picture – one of my grandma taken in the 50s
Current plans for tonight/weekend – tonight? Watch the finale of dancing with the stars…(go Stacy!!) weekend, editing…synopsis writing…maybe finish watching WMXI

Let’s see I tag Olga :o)

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  1. Just hopped over – noticed you like the Dallas Stars – did you happen to notice on my blog that I’m in Texas? Guess where? Although I’m more into the NFL, I do keep up with the Stars.

  2. Hi Eve,

    Yes saw the Texas mention on your blog, though wasn’t sure whereabouts you were :o) That’s very cool. My fave player was dealt there in January, so they’re my new favorite team.

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