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No one fall over behind their keyboards okay? :o) hehehe

So I figured I’ve been blog neglectful long enough and I should try to add to the blog.
Got an email reply from one agent this afternoon on my status update. All she said was she’d get back to me ASAP. Hope for good news. She’s had the partial since October so hoping that it did actually get delivered and didn’t disappear into the black hole between here and NYC.
But what it means is if she’s interested then I switch gears back to STTA for awhile and leave Sabrina and Lila alone for awhile (I know, hit 96K today, I could use a little breather from them myself) and not too mention, I found the original bit of that story idea for MX in my 2001 folder. Guess it just goes to show, that you really shouldn’t get rid of old stories, or story ideas, you never know when they could be useful :o)

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