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Very wordy title eh?

My lone brain cell is too tired to put a lot together right now. I’ve been cutting the huge file of Sabrina into separate files, every scene in its own file so I can try and put all the puzzle pieces together. Imagine the fun!!! But on the good side, I did get the link to a newish BSB song LIFT ME UP that’s so good its been on repeat for 2 hours now :o) Why this didn’t make the album is freaking beyond me.

I’m halfway through the first bits of Sabrina (not really in order so its halfway through the overall story) and some of this is actually pretty funny. And I found 2 bits I don’t remember writing. Gotta love those ‘where did this come from?’ moments.

Can you guess what I’m doing later today? (well until the Dallas – Phoenix game. Can’t miss that can I?)

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