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In the spirit of February 14th, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :o)
Nothing exciting going on today (the joys of being single!) though I am considering a little Miami Vice marathon later on and my leftover pizza sticks from pizza hut.
Spent the afternoon working on Sabrina and trying to get the songs for the soundtrack for me to edit by. So for those who’ve had a glimpse at Little Miss Vegas, (hmm possible title?) let me know if you know a song that fits her or the story. So far I’ve got Shania Twain’s song Shoes and that’s about it.

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  1. Spirit in the sky
    viva las vegas

  2. Yes, Viva Las Vegas? And I like the title! How about “Miss Vegas”?

  3. Good suggestions :o) You know I never thought of Viva Las Vegas, even though its one of my fave all time songs!

    Miss Vegas might not be bad either. Anything’s better then referring to it as Sabrina :o) Starting to get tired of her name already lol

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