Happy Birthday – circa 1982 (not entirely sure the pic was taken on his birthday then, but hey…it was one of the cuter ones I found already scanned. And its the only picture where I look like that lol)Read More →

I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog this week. There really hasn’t been much to say though, one day blurred into the next, muse is who knows where, my computer time’s been nil and I’m only halfway through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. On the bright side, I found a great new bookshelf. On the not so bright side, its backordered so we’ll be checking in at Costco some time this week to see when it shows up. On the weird side: Costco had their Xmas cards in already yesterday. Didn’t buy any yet, but did pick up a cute roll ofRead More →

* 6 pages on Ava’s story* Bought all 4 July Bombshells* Got the new Harry Potter!!!!! :o)Saturday night a friend of ours came over with his dad and his dad’s girlfriend who were visiting from Finland. Was interesting. They didn’t speak English, so our friend had to translate. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to speak Finnish though. Man what a language. Did you know there’s only one Finnish word in all of the English language? Sauna.Doing my usual blog surfing today, found a warning from Deidre Knight. Apparently someone’s impersonating her and sending out emails to e-pubs and the like. Click the link belowRead More →

I think I’m really about to give up on Winning Bid. I just don’t see it as workable anymore. I look at the temptation guidelines, I look at WB and I cringe. The characters don’t seem to be working, I think I’ve got too many darn plot devices and the conflict really sucks…and best of all, I’ve got no clue at all how to fix this mess. Which brings me to my big point, 28,000 words in, what happens if someone asks what else I have for the Temptation line? And I say nothing…how bad do I look?I’ve got an idea for a spinoff withRead More →

From my Edmonton Oilers announcement list: NHL, NHLPA REACH AGREEMENT IN PRINCIPLEON NEW COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT NEW YORK/TORONTO (July 13, 2005) — The National Hockey League and the National ckey League Players’ Association have reached an agreement in principle on the terms of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.Details of the new Agreement will not be made available publicly pending the formal ratification process by the NHLPA Members and the NHL Board of Governors.It is anticipated that the ratification process will be completed next week, at which time the parties will be prepared to discuss the details of the Agreement and plans for next season. NoRead More →

Tickets aside for the moment, though I did make ebay my new homepage *sigh* I’ve been thinking a lot about the writing again.First, I think I’m going to enter a contest. :o) I’ve never entered any except in fanfic world, so this should be a brand new experiance for me. Played with the prologue and chapter 1 for HER PROTECTOR and sent it to my bud to look over. Since she’s going out of town on Thursday hopefully she’ll be able to look at it soon. Then I can get it emailed in or whatever, I’m not exactly clear on the details yet (it wasRead More →

Like today.I get up early, I log in to ticketmaster and wait for 10 am to roll around to get tickets. 10:02 it still won’t put the damn Calgary show on sale, then I hit refresh for the millionth time and wow, low and behold they’re on sale. And there isn’t 3 tickets to be found anywhere but the nosebleeds. However at 10:10 am on EBAY there’s DAMN ROW 2 tickets selling for $400 dollars.Now, where, when, HOW did rows 1-10 suddenly go on sale, because they sure as heck didn’t go last week.So here I sit, 4 hours later ticketless and having the restRead More →

Since getting no sleep at all two nights ago (presale panic) and waking up to my arms feeling on fire last night, I pretty much slept walked through today. Scuffed up the lawn furniture with the hose earlier, so get to clean that tomorrow. Woohoo *rolls eyes* Highlight of the day though was going to Wal-Mart after dinner and finding the last copy of Suzanne’s The Beast Within. Yay!!! Started reading it on the way home and its a pretty good thing I didn’t drive or I’d still be sitting in the parking lot with it :o) [I can see it now, strange blonde parkedRead More →

A small vent…A) If it truly is American Express Front of the Line…WHY do the other two presale options give me the exact same darn seats, minus the $3.75/ticket fee…of which I got the password for free simply because I’m a member of the other two.B) Why do you advertise the tickets go on sale at 9…then realize its ten…and then let the pages load at 10:02…C) Why at 10:15 am did the page crash and there were no more tickets until ten minutes later…all up in the nosebleeds. I’m not sitting in a car for 4 hours each way to not even see myRead More →

I hate ticket buying day…The sheer absolute panic of trying to be one of the first into Ticketmaster to score tickets to a show. And yet, tomorrow morning at 9 or 10 AM Mountain, I will be attempting just that. Three seats as close as possible to my favorite band…(The closer the better, I’m VERY picky about where I sit at a show)Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it. *looks at clock and winces*Read More →