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I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog this week. There really hasn’t been much to say though, one day blurred into the next, muse is who knows where, my computer time’s been nil and I’m only halfway through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

On the bright side, I found a great new bookshelf. On the not so bright side, its backordered so we’ll be checking in at Costco some time this week to see when it shows up.

On the weird side: Costco had their Xmas cards in already yesterday. Didn’t buy any yet, but did pick up a cute roll of Snowman wrapping paper (which should keep me in Xmas wrap for the next 20-30 years lol)

On the strange side: Standing in the middle of hallmark looking for a birthday card for my best friend when Incomplete starts playing. Too weird, too wacky and too much of a coincidence.

And on the good side: NHL Hockey is BACK!!! Woohoo. Cannot wait for the schedule to be released next week. With all the expected player moves, it should be interesting to see WHO lands where. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Lis, congrats on finding a great bookshelf, and hopefully your muse will return soon! Stay in touch!

  2. I am not ready for Christmas stuff!! Shesh, I just managed to put away some wrapping paper last month …

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