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I think I’m really about to give up on Winning Bid. I just don’t see it as workable anymore. I look at the temptation guidelines, I look at WB and I cringe. The characters don’t seem to be working, I think I’ve got too many darn plot devices and the conflict really sucks…and best of all, I’ve got no clue at all how to fix this mess.

Which brings me to my big point, 28,000 words in, what happens if someone asks what else I have for the Temptation line? And I say nothing…how bad do I look?

I’ve got an idea for a spinoff with one of the girls from STTA, but isn’t that presumptious that the first one would go or they’d even be interested in Ava or Mimi’s story???


Off to drown in chocolate because damnit I skipped rope outside in muggy heat this afternoon I deserve it. :o)

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  1. Go back to basics, write our your hero and his conflicts, do the same for the heroine then look at what you’ve done already red pen the bits that don’t fit and build on the emotions.

  2. Many mss can be revived. I would probably try to do character’s charts and GMC’s. Do not say you don’t have anything. When the time arrives, you can always come up with something and dance from there. Best of luck!

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