No Sleep

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Between my mind racing and a backache I didn’t get any sleep last night. I think I briefly fell asleep somewhere around six a.m.

But however, it may have proved productive. A few new plot twists to Sabrina which will fit in nicely, a revelation about the hero I didn’t even know about & a brand new way to start off Her Protector. WOW.

I’m also convinced my muse is European, what else can explain this damn sleepless nights but time differences? :o)

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  1. Yay!!!!!!

    Mine make little trips to the Bahamas because they know its hot there and I wouldn’t follow them. They wouldn’t be gone so long if they didn’t keep getting nekkid and thrown in jail for indecent exposure. *gg*

  2. :o)

    lol Naughty muses!! Mine like to take off on vacation without telling me then show up at the most ungodly hours.

  3. Mine tell me when they’re leaving – hasta la vista baby. Then they show back up reeking of rum – without a wrinkle in their clothes, which is how I know they’ve been nekkid again.

    Too hot – shutting down the computer now. No writing tonight.

  4. :oD Your muses sound far more lively then mine. I’m not sure what all mine do when they go away, but whatever it is seems to work *g*

    Hope it cools down for ya. I’m off to bed early myself. Feel pretty ucky at the moment. Just hope it passes, I’ve got more story bits to get down but even picking up a pen makes me sick.

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