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I’ve been working on a project that’s kinda been under wraps but I need a little help, so its time to talk. I spilled the beans to Nell last week, its a YA. Yes the type of book I swore I’d never write… but then Chey, my heroine appeared and well, kinda wouldn’t take a hike.

So I’m stuck with her.

And now, I’m stuck on one sentence. Its kinda key to describe JT (name to change later, kinda like Sab’s first few pages had her named Rach lol)
he’s the bad boy she’s just met and she’s trying to figure him out.

Here’s my sentencce —
On the bad boy scale, zero to Colin Farrell, he was more… (fill in the blank). That’s where I am. I need to figure out/remember hollywood bad boys. He’s not that bad yet, but he’s got an edge to him but when it comes to Chey, he’s more normal.

So yeah, any names you could throw at me would be great 🙂

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  1. How about Mark Whalberg. That’s probably a really poor spelling of his name and he may be too old. But he used to do that Marky-Mark thing and the Calvin underwear ads. But he’s spiffed up his image now. Or that other guy from Fast and the Furious. I forget his name, but he’s a hottie who is bad, but not too bad.

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