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It just hit me its now 3 months to my birthday. Uhm, yeah. Weird. This year has pretty well flown by, especially since hockey season starts uhm, today or tomorrow or something like that. I actually haven’t been paying that much attention since fave hockey player #1 went to the Swiss League. I’m sure I’ll get more into hockey when I turn on the TV and see it in front of me :o)

In other fun news, my asters are NOW opening. I planted them end of June. Oh well, they’re a gorgeous lavendar color so I’m hoping they around long enough for me to grab a couple pictures of them (not to mention some seeds!)

Writing-wise, things are the same as they were last week. Partials out. Still typing up the rest of the full, which thanks to word being screwy is taking longer than expected. Still some queries out I haven’t heard back on yet. If anyone’s querying and you queried Knight Agency lately, any idea what the response time on q’s is? I hit a month on the 7th.

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