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I’m bored…

RAW ended forty five minutes ago…I still think Flair’s behind the whole Smackdown stalking Batista angle because really…JBL just isn’t this smart. He probably hired the driver and its just such a coincidence that pile of boxes was RIGHT there for Triple H to push Batista into. Yeah uh huh…

So I’ve got 15 minutes to kill till the Bachelorette starts. Woohoo, tonight’s the overnight dates which should prove interesting. I think from the previews one of them mentions Andrew (uh oh) so should be worth watching (I still like Andrew though, he was cute).

Writing update – hitting 32000 words, probably stay up most of the night tonight and type up some of the stuff I’ve been writing in the car back and forth on the weekend. Though its hard to decipher scribbles I wrote down the pitch black road near the game lol I’ve got a whole bunch of WTF? beside half the sentences trying to figure out just what I was saying. Real fun I tell you.
The joys of a writer’s life.

What else…hmmm can’t think of a lot to bore you with right now lol

Guess I’ll go grab a ginger ale and head back up to watch Jen and Jerry/John Paul (the Andrew wannabe)


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