What a weekend…

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Can I say I’m really glad its almost over???

First though the weather was finally awesome up here, in the mid-high twenties (C) for us canucks. I got a little tan/burn on my shoulders so I’m not as pale as usual. Went out yesterday and got some plants with mom for her planters and grabbed a few for myself (some nice dahlias in a rusty color).
With any luck I’ll actually be able to seed my pots outside this year in May and not end of June/July like some years.
So anyways yesterday afternoon we came home and found the phone line down. Gone. Just a buzzing line. Which was a pain in the butt because of the conference and things going on. So this morning it still wasn’t on either but dad finally managed to get things working again late this afternoon. Yay! I’ve learned I can’t go without my email. Sad but true.

Onto the bad news of the weekend, we feed most of the birds around here. We’ve got bird feeders in most of the trees in the yard and some food on the driveway for them. This afternoon dad tells me that one of the neighborhood cats seems to have gotten some of them *shudder* since he found the feathers and other proof this morning. Now I’m not much of a cat person anyways (sorry to those who are) but I can’t stand people who let their cats out and let them wander around people’s yards like that. We already have one who likes to use the garden as their litter box and now its gotten some of our birds (possibly a nest we’re not sure). So that just sorta ruined my Sunday right there. We’re going to keep a lookout tonight in case the cat comes back.

Guess that’s enough of a downer to share huh?


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