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Hmmm, a girl could get used to this…

Last night I decided I didn’t feel like staying home so went out to the hockey game. It actually wasn’t too bad if you stayed near the bonfires. So we’re out there and checked the auctions, I’m in the lead on the Kipper picture *happy dance* that baby’s going to look great above my monitor :o)

So we move from the one bonfire at the far end of the rink down to the one near the zamboni entrance and dad’s talking to his friends out there and one of the volunteers tells him that a 40 foot Hummer Limo just pulled up. Hmmm very interesting. (I personally think good ol’ Tugger may appear at this…and it could have been him but he just stayed up at the house b/c I heard someone talking about a surprise and a friend of Brent’s…hmmm)

Anyways, ends up that I’m up at the bonfire with a particular ex-Oilers brother who looks a lot like his brother from certain angles 🙂 Its kinda kewl being checked out by a former NHLer hehe {he played for the Oilers too until he got a career ending concussion}

So the limo comes down to the ice level real slowly because the road down is all snakey curvey so it took awhile and we got to look inside, but it was empty and dark but dayum nice. I may have to put a white 40 foot hummer somewhere in the book now.

That was my excitement of the night, other than deciding this season of Survivor sucks and I’d rather watch Holmes on Homes instead.


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