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Okay well now that I have that elton john song stuck in my head. Since I’m nicely doped up on caffeine (ah, thank the heavens for coca-cola), anacin and pizza courtesy of my dad, not sure how much sense any of this will make. However the back is slowly becoming not as bad as it was the last few days (yay me!!!) Spent a few hours outside today, finally transplanted the peppers and the tomatoes one more time, they were a little too tall for the 4 packs we had them in.
Reseeded the inside trays with asters tonight and the carnations I started 2 days ago are up! What a surprise. Yay. Bought those specifically so I can have flowers on my desk in the summer. :o) Pretty the place up a little and all that.

What else what else… found out you can only enter ONE ms in American Title. Doh. So revamping the first three chaps of that one and see where it leads. I think it might be a little less work than HP right now. Though I keep debating on whether or not to really enter the contest or just concentrate on writing paranormal for awhile. It is hot right now.

Other than that, taking it easy. Back pain sucks. When you don’t have any for awhile and suddenly you get it you forget just how miserable it makes doing the smallest things.

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  1. *g* Deadline’s June 1st for it to get there. Eeks. Oh well since we can only enter one ms I guess that cuts down the work :o)

  2. Hugs on the pack pain, Lis! Trust me, I know just how much it sucks. And definitely enter the American Title. Best of luck, and you know you have my vote!

  3. Thanks guys. Hit a bit of a writing funk (again…maybe it never left) so hoping to sit outside tomorrow with the notepad and see if anything hits. If not, guess there’s one less entry in the contest!

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