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Warning. This post is going to ramble, babble and go everywhere. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Okay, on the manuscript. I lurked over at eHar today and found out I’m the last one standing in the pitch. Eeks! And I’m a little nervous about going over and saying that I haven’t uh, sent it in yet. Its not like I don’t have a valid reason 250 sheets of paper haven’t gone winging their way over the ocean yet and I couldn’t have predicted my mom would be home sick for three months and my life would be turned upside down, resulting in a serious lack of writing time. But I still have this little itty fear that this makes me look hugely unprofessional, at least to others. Because I know the editor understands when I told her last week *sigh* I think I’ll just keep lurking and say something when its in the mail and I won’t feel so much like a big old loser.

Anyways, onto other highlights of the week. It seems downloading and installing some spyware software suddenly dismantled my norton. Oh joy. If you read through the blog entries in February, you know the joy I’m heading for if I need to reinstall this stupid thing. *sigh* I’m hoping a system restore will fix things but I have to wait for a quick system scan off the website to tell me all is clear before doing that. The last thing I need is to lose the dang manuscript at this point in time. (or my backstreet bootleg and a bunch of other stuff on here)

Finnish hockey proved enjoyable and well worth the 16 hour download time :o) Though I can’t understand a word of commentary and they kept changing my favorite player’s name about every other shift it was quite cool to watch.
I think they play again sometime on Monday so have to watch for that. Just wish they’d name the national team for the tournament in Austria at the end of the month, like to know if he’s gonna play or not!

Enough from me, scan’s over so time to cross fingers and hope the restore is going to work.


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  1. Lis, the editor’s words show they understand, so don’t sweat it. As for computer problems, I understand you well. I have problems with mine, so if you need me, try to e-mail (but it doesn’t accept attachments). As for today’s news, yes, partial. But I’ll probably try to keep it low, okay? I’m going crazy with my CP right now.

  2. I meant, PC, sheesh. Okay, I seem to be back online (for as long as my PC lets me), so if you want, send me the chap, I’ll try to be as helpful as I can!

  3. Thanks Olga. Might just take you up on that. Trying to pare this chapter down to a reasonable length and keep in some of what needs to be there (which is what exactly? I keep asking myself) so you may get an email from me late tonight.


  4. Thanks Nell!
    Just editing down the final bits tonight/tomorrow morning but may give you a shout if 15 proves unbearable :o)

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