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I think I’m tempted to live in my basement. I have 5 cans of coke left down here. A fan three feet away aimed right at me. I can watch dvds. I can listen to my music. I can work if I want. There’s the 2 Cara Summers books I haven’t read yet sitting nearby and even better, chocolate. See, I could happily survive down here if I had to.

And I think I want to. Its like 40 C out there today (which translates to like 100F if I’m not mistaking) and this is the only place in the house where it actually feels like you can breathe.

Now that I’m done my heat inspired ranting, the writing blog world this week is probably going to get quiet with the RWA going on. But for all of us left behind *sniffle sniffle* Lucy Monroe’s hosting a week long blog party. Should be fun! Here’s the link – http://lucymonroeblog.blogspot.com

And if your wondering why I’m posting, its because my memory’s fried in this heat and I’ll forget it if I don’t put it somewhere lol

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  1. I hear ya on the heat. My brain has been fried by it AND the lack of sleep. Speaking of … *snore*

  2. *g* Its horrible, we’ve had a week of this and now we’re getting another (if not more) I hear ya on the lack of sleep!

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