What a difference…

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A year makes — or not.

A year ago right now I was waiting (impatiently mind you) to hear back from M&B; Modern Extra on something to talk about.

Now – I’m waiting (and patiently mind you) to hear back from Dorchestor’s contest on Something To Talk About. (And from a few queries on Sabrina…and a partial…)

I entered 2 into the RJ writing contest this year instead of one (last year’s was that favorite of faves, HER PROTECTOR) this year, its well…take a wild guess *g*

As some of you know, the block has cleared on what the problem with chapter three was all along and its been muchly revamped and rewritten and broken down into two chapters. Once I fix the end of the last bit of what’s now 4, I can cruise easily into fixing up 5 which I’m toying with right now as I type.

Other then that, really not a lot different. Except more hits on the blog! hehe

Anything different for you from last year to this one?

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  1. Lis, best of luck in contests! You deserve to win, and you know I’ll be cheering for you all the way. Okay, I’m heading to RJ r-r-right now.

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