Too Cold

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I think it is now officially too cold. When your temperature needle refuses to move outside, I think that’s a hint its just not wise to go out. So I am staying indoors today where I’m semi warm and can look out at the cold air through very frosty windows while emailing partials out into cyber space. The one that requires me to go to the post office can wait till they won’t have to chisel the envelope out of my hands. *g*

The DHL guy showed up around noon with a few review books. The first thing he did was apologize because the plastic shipping bag was open because the glue let go in the cold when he left the truck. “Nothing works right in this cold” I agree :o)

My mind doesn’t seem to work either. When emailing one requested partial a couple minutes ago, I hit send…without attaching said requested partial. *eeks* But I resent, with attachment so hopefully agent won’t mind a double email lol

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