Crazy Pt. 2

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The chaotic theme to the week continues, or at least continued the last 2 days, today’s still undecided lol. BFF phoned from the airport Wednesday, the flight from Ottawa to Edmonton got in early, so she was about to hop in a cab. Or so she thought. The airline lost her luggage, she had to spend half an hour with the baggage claim people (and they still proceeded to put the phone number down wrong) and then thanks to the sudden bit of snowstorm we were having, took about an hour to get a cab then make the slow drive through Edmonton.

So she arrived almost 2 and a half hours after she originally called.

Then we had a minor mix-up with the Pizza we ordered that night at 5ish. (We ordered online and put it as delivery. Gets to ordered, confirmation page. Estimated delivery time? 1 AM. Yeah, because they have no drivers we find out 30 seconds later when the pizza place calls. So we had to get a ride to the pizza place, pick up pizza then notice later hey that meat lovers pizza, its not quite a meat lover’s…its more like another one without half the toppings…)

Then we had to run to the mall to get her some clothes in case her bags were MIA longer than 24 hours, since all she had was her carry on bag and backpack with her.

And yesterday was delivery central. Phone call at 7am from the airline, they found her bags in Calgary and they’d deliver them between 10-1, which was oh so delightful because we wanted to go out but had to take a bus to go out so we couldn’t even plan that till the guy arrived. Bags arrive at 1:30. Post office delivers an unexpected parcel from my friends in the states which I have to pay COD for (huh?) of a whopping $3.12 of which I have no change. BFF starts running around trying to find change, my parents are digging around to find change, because delivery guy says he has no money on him and can’t make change for a $5. Uh yeah. *rolls eyes* Finally between the 4 of us we came up with the $3, but yeah that took a good five-ten minutes of the delivery guy watching us run around like crazy people lol

But we had a good visit. Spent a lot of yesterday laughing our butts off. Came up with a whole bunch of new inside jokes lol Took some pictures of which I’m sure aren’t going to turn out because we were laughing too much. Did the Xmas pressie exchange in person for the first time in like 6 years *yikes!* And basically hung out and felt like no time had passed and she doesn’t now live on the other side of the country. Its amazing how time slows right down when she’s here. It felt like no time had passed since she was here in the summer, except we came home to freezing cold instead of the thunderstorm like last time.

So, now the visits over, its back to work and back to the holiday chaos *eeks!*

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