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I realize I may have used that blog title somewhere, sometime before. But its all I could think up at the moment. So I’ve been a little lax in the posting lately, sorry. Between bouts of just ‘yuck’ in different aspects of my life lately I haven’t felt like spending much time at the comp.
Read over some bits of HP & STTA and realized just how much work its gonna take to get them ready to submit in the AT3 contest, which I’m determined to enter something in. Well one of them lol I need to practically cut HP in half *last version topped out at 500+ pages* and I’m contemplating making STTA a little more chick-litish in tone. Which could work. Its a friends w/ benefits thing. And Britney’s freaking out could be a little more cl style, so see where that goes.

And I found a new contest to enter, Romance Junkies is having their annual writing contest. Click Romance Junkies for info. But definitely planning on entering there too. Hmmm what else. Oilers won today, making it a 3-2 series lead over Detroit. Is it wrong I’m cheering the Oil? Hmm. Even Pronger isn’t annoying me as much. But the elf still is. :o) Dallas plays tomorrow afternoon so definitely won’t be around. Well unless #4 doesn’t play then I will lol

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  1. Wow, look at you go. WhooHoo! Ain’t writin’ grand :p

  2. *g* Sure when it isn’t driving me completely bonkers lol

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