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Thirteen Favorite Soap Couples

1. Frisco & Felicia – General Hospital

2. Sonny & Carly – General Hospital

3. Sonny & Brenda – General Hospital

4. Jake and Vicki – Another World

5. Ryan and Vicki – Another World

6. Leo and Greenlee – All My Children

7. Jax and Brenda – General Hospital

8. Tad and Dixie (early 90s) – All My Children

9. Cass and Frankie – Another World

10. Cass and Lila – Another World

11. Carl and Rachel – Another World

12. Jake and Paulina – Another World

13. Jason and Sam – General Hospital

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7 Replies to “Thursday 13”

  1. Yeah, watched Santa Barbara off and on, I remember it used to be on at lunch time. Can’t remember many names from there either. I think the actress who plays Alexis on GH was on there though.

  2. Wow, I haven’t watched soaps since college. Used to watch All My Children in HS, then switched to Days of Our Lives in college — almost everyone on campus watched that–including some of the professors. lol

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