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On the usual web rounds today I stumbled across the info that Silhouette Bombshell is being discontinued as of January 2007. There’s different rumors out that the January books will be pubbed, and some that they aren’t, that they’re being scrapped outright with rights reverting back to the authors. Which leaves the question for me anyways, the Madonna Key miniseries was supposed to end in January 07, if the Jan books aren’t a go, then what happens to the last book that wraps up the series?

This just sucks. Bombshell was the only line I bought monthly, at least 3 of the books a month (I never really got into the Athena continuity).

So, if you read Bombshell, which was your favorite book from the line? I’ve got a bunch, maybe I’ll save those for an upcoming blog entry, the best of bombshell.

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  1. I didn’t know about this. I have to say I tried quite a few Bombshells but I never really got into them. The focus always seemed to be less on the romance. But that’s just me!

  2. That’s the way they were originally supposed to be, more heroine focused, less on the romance. But like a lot of people are now saying, by putting them out as a category line and shelving them with romance, silhouette readers were expecting more romance then was there.
    It sucks though because there were/are a lot of great stories in the line. Oh well, guess I have three shelves of what one day may be collector’s items *g*

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