The Muse is Back!

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Apparently the muse has returned from her stay in the tropics and actually remembered I exist 🙂 I managed just over 5200 words revised tonight, thanks to the help of some sprints and then kept it going for a few more hours on my own. Also managed to move a few scenes around that needed to go earlier in the manuscript. They make much more sense where they are now.

With any luck I can keep this pace up for a few more days. The next few chapters should be okay, I don’t think they need a lot of revision, just going over a few things and maybe a little layering here and there, it’s after those that I’m a little leery of. That’s where it gets gappy and I need to make sure I’m sticking with the characters and the story. Even better, it gets quite emotional in the gappy chapters so that should be *fun* I hope.

Still need to go back to Chapter Seven and try to figure things out there. But saving that for last I think. All about moving forward with this one at the moment.




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