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Hit the 75,000 word mark on the revising this week, which has honestly been a long time coming. My original estimates on this one was about 75-80K and I think I’m going to be way over that. It looks like there’s at least another 60 pages that need to be looked at so this one could turn out to be in the 85-90K range instead. I guess my high school english teacher was right when she said I wrote novels not essays. I am apparently long winded when I want to be lol

Did ten fresh pages of writing today too, thanks to my wonderful, magical gel pens. Two pages on this story, about 7 pages on Sabrina and the rest between STTA and Demi. New goal is to work straight through the next three months if I can, or at least August and September. October looks like it’s going to be filled with workshops, so if I can at least take most of it off writing wise, I will. New goal is to be finally able to take December off for once if possible.


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