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I can’t think of a snappy title for the blog today.

I hit 19 weeks today and next week barring any envelopes/packages arriving in the next 4 days that’ll make 20. Now I checked the UK thread and they say after no word at 20 you can contact them. So how long after 20 do I wait to make contact? I’m not sure. I don’t want to look overeager, but I am curious about what’s going on with Brit and Jas.

Writing’s going slow. My best bud took a look at the rough draft of Trouble and gave me a few points. Apparently my conflict is still weak (I knew that much) so have to sit down and interview Vin and Ava separately and see what they say I’m missing. And apparently I forgot Vin’s eye color. I knew I did, I was writing at night in the binder and couldn’t remember what he looked like in STTA so I gave him Nick’s blue eyes which was wrong. He’s hazel eyed in STTA so get to go in and correct that. Thinking about printing off what I’ve got so far and trying to edit and add that way this week. That’ll at least let me work outside for awhile!

Enjoying the workshop I signed up for last week. Its my first ‘official’ one, though I did take the ones in the virtual conference earlier this year. But this is one I desperately need right now. My production rate has dropped off considerably the last few years. 5 years ago I was writing mega stories, 3 at a time and keeping them going. And now, I barely trudge through the two I have going (so I didn’t have the stress I have now at the time either) I guess some of it might be my ‘group’ has changed. I had some amazingly talented writers around me who kept me going, cps without knowing it really. Over the last few years they’ve both stopped writing but I know without the two of them my writing wouldn’t be where it is now. So that’s why if/when a couple of those books see the light, they’re in the dedications :o)

First major signs fall is on the way here: a) September 1st and the trees were already both losing leaves and turning yellow. Yuck. To quote Legion of Doom “What a ruussssssssshhhhhhhhhhh” and b) my pansies are already going to seed. And so are some of my snapdragons.

Not good. I no likey fall! I think its too much trauma coming back from all those years of hell (aka school).

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