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So Saturday I decided nice weather, I’d spend the afternoon outside reading my ARC of Baby Proof. Why is you never notice sunburn till late? Its nowhere near me and Kris’ Racoon days of the rainmaker rodeo of 98. But still. I may be able to step in for rudolph at some point and my forearms are a lovely shade of pink. Not too mention somehow I burned the top of only my right foot and a bit up my leg, left leg’s fine. Weird & wacky.

Put the flowers outside in the starter kits. Apparently the wind and sun combined to break off some of my snapdragons :o( Am not too thrilled about that. So keeping them in till the fertilizer kicks in and they’re a little stronger. Pansies are at least growing a little more. Sowed the side flower bed yesterday. Mom literally tore open a packet of seeds and they exploded everywhere. Oh well, you can never have too much alyssum right? :o)

Planning on working this week. Need to figure out how long it takes an expresspost envelope to get to NYC. I figure if I mail it next Monday I should be safe. Maybe even Tuesday. Not gonna push myself to do anything.

And *hugs* to Eve, sorry about your sore back!! Hope the advil and heat helps/helped. Anacin seemed to dull mine down to a dull roar.

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  1. You gardening fool. *gg*

    Sorry about the weird sunburn – I don’t know why they don’t hurt until the damage is done, maybe because it’s a gradual thing?

    The back is better today, but I’m only going to do some light clearing (sorting and filing) today because I need it to hold up until next week.

  2. Oh, and I have got to get back to writing next week too – the nails are growing. LOL

  3. That’s me!

    Could be. Oh well, I’m putting enough lotion on this week to swim in the stuff *g*

    Oh good, glad your back’s feeling better. A sore back’s one of the worst things to have.

    Good luck with the writing!

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