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Since Nell picked me for this, that means my rambling post about men and what good are they will have to be postponed (listening for cheers and whistles)

Seven things to do before I die.
1. Sell a book & see it published
2. Travel outside of Alberta/Sask
3. Have my own place
4. Vegas
5. Have a real convo with biker boy
6. Go to a Wrestlemania
7. Meet Shawn Michaels

Seven things that attracted me to my loser crush (who I may not be good enough for if I translate his friend’s actions/words correctly)
1. His eyes (quite noticeable when he stared for 4.5 years thank you very much)
2. His smile.
3. His sense of humour (ala the biker ring line)
4. His slight jealousy (have to still lol at the puck moment, though at the time, not so funny)
5. His personality
6. The way he looked in a jersey
7. The way he tugged said jersey # in my direction, it was cute

Seven books I love most.
1. Pride and Predjudice – Jane Austen
2. Palomino – Danielle Steele
3. Heartbreak & Triumph – Shawn Michaels
4. The Lucky Santengelo Series – Jackie Collins
5. The Penniless Bride – Nicola Cornick (hope I spelled her name right)
6. A Knight In Shining Armor – Jude Deveraux
7. Three Fates – Nora Roberts

Seven Films I love most.
1. Rhinestone
2. Lethal Weapon series
3. A Knight’s Tale
4. Ten Things I Hate About You
5. Mickey Blue Eyes
6. Live A Little, Love A Little
7. Viva Las Vegas

Seven things I can’t do.
1. Roll my R’s
2. Skate backwards
3. enjoy an oilers game
4. write erotica lol
5. forgive easily
6. gargle
7. parallel park

Seven words or phrases I say most often.
1. “—–” no not a swear, someone’s name lol
2. shoot! (usually in reference to hockey)
3. whatever
4. like I care
5. “I’m busy!”
6. F—
7. –

So I pass this on to Olga, and whoever else visits the blog this week and wants to take a go :o)

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  1. Lis, sorry I missed it! I just got Internet hooked back up to my pc! I’ll try to do it as soon as I can! One thing I know for sure – I can’t parallel park and write erotica either!

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