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What do you mean that’s a christmas song? No, seriously its the weather right now. Absolutely frightful. Okay, not that bad @ this exact second but its been blowing pretty good all day and we’re supposed to get high winds tonight. Am I glad there’s an Oilers game on TV tonight (and Jussi is rumored to be in goal. Woohoo! *starts humming oilers goal song*)

I found the second set of picturesso just need to scan them so I can show my pretty stuffed bookshelf looking oh so nice and pretty — which it isn’t so much now. In fact its pretty messy. Once I finish the next set of Edits I need to go through and rearrange it. So far I’m putting all the TBR books in order of arrival. Sad when they outnumber the # of books read (4.5 this year so far) and I think 14 new books arrived since January 1st.

I mentioned I’d blog about my exercise since I signed up for PHS dieters. I’m on my second full week of exercise. Doing 20 minutes a day on the bowflex and I have to say my arms are shrinking pretty good. I should have done the old measuring tape before I started — didn’t because I didn’t want to scare myself *g* — but I’m guessing about an inch and a half of each arm. I started low on 15 pounds each side and I’m upping it to 20 next week. I wanted to start at 20 but after an argument with my trainer (aka dad) I started with 15. Some days I can really feel the warm burn in the muscles and some days not so much. So doing the bowflex and alternating with the air walker. Put on an episode of Most Haunted and good to go. Easier to exercise when your paying attention to something else. Haven’t done a lot on the actual diety side. Little more water. But I refuse to cut out my coca-cola during edits. That’s just insane. :o)

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  1. WTG on all the exercising! I’m such a slacker. I just need to suck it up and get on the elliptical and stay there!

  2. I used to have an exercise bike and would pedal for a quite a long time if I had something to watch on TV.

    Good luck on the diet. And my “read” shelf for the past year is definitely smaller than my TBR pile.

  3. I think it takes awhile to psych yourself up to excercising — or at least it did with me 🙂

    Thanks Bailey. Feeling under the weather at the moment so that should help with the ol’ diet lol

    Glad to know I’m not the only one :o) And the TBR pile just keeps growing

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