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Not blogging as often as maybe I should be, but I’m still around. Busy doing some last and much needed rewrites before hitting send on a couple requests (aiming for Dec.1st). With any luck, I can take December off and just deal with Christmas and finishing off the review books that are taking up half a shelf of the overcrowded bookshelf — which needs to be re-organized too one of these days.

Most of the cards are done and should be dropped into the mail tomorrow morning if all works out. Need to wrap one of the Xmas presents for one of my long distance friends and get it mailed this weekend. There’s something I want to pick up if I can before it makes its way to California. The purchase should be delivered today or tomorrow to my friends in Philly. Which leaves 2 friends after that. Best bud is all ready boughten for. Just need to wrap and wait for her to come and visit in a couple weeks. First time in 5 years we’ll be giving each other our presents in person. *g*

Managed to find a couple of hard-to-find Christmas gifts for my parents this weekend. London Drugs had the 2 computer games I wanted to get mom and dad and Costco had the collector’s edition of Die Hard which was totally not to be found anywhere else (and I didn’t want to wait till I had enough for Free Shipping at so yay! The list for what to get Dad is pretty well done and Mom’s going to take some thought (and a day of shopping w/o her right beside me lol). Plus, I splurged and bought a little something for me :o)

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