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To my American buddies :o)

Today in Canuckland, I shall enjoy my homemade pepperoni pizza and listen to the Oilers game on the radio. Ah the joys. *g* For possibly the first time this year, my inbox is SILENT. Apparently everyone on my loops is fully dedicated to Thanksgiving this year!

I’m still busy editing my little heart out. Cut a bunch of things that didn’t move the story forward and now I hit a gap that I’m not sure what will fill at the moment. Need to look at the last draft to see what I had before and if its usable or not. or at least spur the idea for something else to take its place.

Christmas prep continues. Got some cool new lights for my mini tree. Well, actually 2. One that looks like those candy jeweled rings I used to get as a kid, except when I brought them home it turns out they’re not for use on metal trees. And my mini tree? Most likely has metal. But they’re too cool to take back, so I’ll find somewhere else to put them. So I grabbed a set of the LED changing christmas lights, they go from red to blue. Very pretty. But then looking online today, I saw some cute white stars that are LED and go from white to blue and you can make the colors chase each other. Why didn’t I see those earlier? :o)

Cards are almost written, at least the ones going stateside. Still have the card I send to my one aunt to do and the one for my great aunt and uncle (that one gets a letter and pics with it, so its takes longer then the others).

What else to ramble about? Found something I really, really want on eBay, but of course its a little too pricey *sigh* What I wouldn’t give to find a couple hundred spare dollars about now lol Cover christmas and my little indulgance.

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  1. Hope the editing went well! I’m impressed you’re practically done with your Christmas cards. I bought stamps today. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten!

  2. I’ve never had homemade pepperoni pizza. I’ve cooked some pizzas, but it was so many years ago it seemed like it never happened. Good luck in the editing cave!

  3. Hi Barrie, editing’s going better then expected 🙂 If the next set of chapters go as easily I’ll be a happy camper *g* Good luck w/ your cards. This is the first year in a long time I’ve had stuff done this early lol

    Thanks Olga! Pizza’s my favorite lately. Esp. little ones on half of an english muffin. very yummy!

  4. I was supposed to “do” Christmas today, but since it’s almost 4:00, I guess nothings getting done today.

    Hope the editing went smoothly.

  5. You had at pepperoni pizza. *LOL*

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