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Some of you might know about the hairpulling bout of writers block I’ve had lately. Its been pretty bad with this ms. Every few chapters the brick wall comes up and I’ve been forced to slam on the brakes.

As of Monday afternoon though I’ve ploughed through the brick wall full speed ahead. Kinda easily too. So what changed?


I’ve talked before about having soundtracks for each project. I had Golden Years blaring through my earphones when I printed off STTA to go to London a couple years ago. The first draft of this torture was written to a soundtrack. But for editing, revisions, I’ve been working in silence.

And that’s when the bricks began showing up.

Weird. Apparently my muse detests the silence.

But soon as I put on one of my old Cher cds for inspiration Monday, the fog’s cleared. The next handful of chapters are mapped out. I’ve bridged the first third of the story to what’s happening in the next third, I just need a few fresh scenes and it should be full steam ahead to my favorite words of all, THE END.

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