Update From Crazy-ville

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Crazyville is where it feels like I am right now.

I spent 10 hours yesterday watching the Barrett-Jackson auction on speed for research for the next story idea. I’ve got about 2 pages of notes. Narrowed my car of choice down to the Shelby and the Corvettes though I don’t mind a nice Austin Healy either…and I’m still no further along on Sabrina. Its that old feeling of I’m rewriting the same old scene over and over again and nothing is moving this baby forward.

Which isn’t good when I’ve got that query itch waiting to be scratched. Not too mention that would require a blurb and a synopsis. *sigh* And I haven’t heard back from NC on the partial of STTA either.

In other news, watched the end of the Coyotes-Oilers game last night. SO wished Mikey would have scored in the shootout. But they wound up winning anyways, but really would have liked to have seen him get the goal. So yay Phoenix on that one!

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