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I can’t believe its September already. Where did the summer go? Yikes. I wanted to spend more time out in the sun and write in the backyard. Neither of those happened. Guess I should hope September has better and warmer weather than August and I can at least grab a few hours sitting at the patio table with my gel pens (hopefully wasp/hornet and wind free!) and get some writing/editing done.

According to my horoscope at astrologyzone.com *I love that site!!* “its supposed to be an amazing month for us Capricorns on so many levels. Opportunities to expand my career and social life may leave me breathless and excited.” :o) I’m SOOOOOOO hoping. And apparently my love life is supposed to pick up after 2 years of heartbreak. Well yeah, that part seems true (not the picking up but the 2 years deal). So we’ll see.

Quick reminder, please please please go by contest junkies and take a look at her protector.


I’m a little antsy over this one, its been a headache from start to finish but its nice to get some fresh opinions on it (9 drafts and counting…)

Managed last night to sign up for Suzanne’s workshop. And felt like such a dork when I couldn’t figure out paypal on the site. I registered but couldn’t find the pay here thing. Apparently I should have scrolled down first. But finally figured it out and I’m in. Can’t wait to see how I can improve productivity since mine’s dropping to nil pretty darn quickly.

Nuff from me, off to attempt to arrange Vin and Ava’s story. Decided I do NOT like the opening whatsoever, so my 26K word count is going to take a drastic hit this weekend.

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  2. Lis, best of luck to you in the contest. And hopefully you’ll be able to spend more days outside in September!

  3. Thanks Olga! :o)

    Got some wonderful feedback on the contest, so hoping I did alright.

    Wasn’t too bad out today, though didn’t feel much like sitting outside but I think the rest of the week will be nice so I can grab some time out there too. Just can’t believe some of my flowers (esp. the pansys) are already going to seed!! eeks.

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